Staff Football

A snippet from the Queensmead School Staff Bulletin 1994

Queensmead 4. Douay Martyrs 1.  

Queensmead are back and back in style. Despite going behind 0-1, Queensmead fought back and played some excellent football to convincingly defeat the Douay Martyrs School Staff Team 4-1.

Forget all that media talk about Shearer and Cole, EI Tel needs to come to West London and take a good look at Cosby and Daly,  probably the best combination seen in Britain since Torville and Dean. Poise, balance, natural skills and grace: C and D have got the lot.

The Queensmead victory would have been even greater if Pete Chadwick  from the Maths department had not missed a penalty.   Apart from that one blemish, Chopper, as he is affectionately known by his team-mates for the obvious reasons, had a smashing game in midfield.

The nasty head injury sustained by one of the Queensmead strikers (Me as it happens!) on closer inspection revealed nothing more serious than a few emerging black roots and some split ends. (And an evening in casualty having it stitched)

He should be fit for Friday’s game, against Haydon School Staff, 21/10/94.

(With thanks to Paul Simpson)

C and D

 Phwwoar! look at that fine collection of beefcake!

(The rest of you don’t look too bad either …)

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