Staff Football

A snippet from the Queensmead School Staff Bulletin 1994

Queensmead 4. Douay Martyrs 1.  

Queensmead are back and back in style. Despite going behind 0-1, Queensmead fought back and played some excellent football to convincingly defeat the Douay Martyrs School Staff Team 4-1.

Forget all that media talk about Shearer and Cole, EI Tel needs to come to West London and take a good look at Cosby and Daly,  probably the best combination seen in Britain since Torville and Dean. Poise, balance, natural skills and grace: C and D have got the lot.

The Queensmead victory would have been even greater if Pete Chadwick  from the Maths department had not missed a penalty.   Apart from that one blemish, Chopper, as he is affectionately known by his team-mates for the obvious reasons, had a smashing game in midfield.

The nasty head injury sustained by one of the Queensmead strikers (Me as it happens!) on closer inspection revealed nothing more serious than a few emerging black roots and some split ends. (And an evening in casualty having it stitched)

He should be fit for Friday’s game, against Haydon School Staff, 21/10/94.

(With thanks to Paul Simpson)

C and D

 Phwwoar! look at that fine collection of beefcake!

(The rest of you don’t look too bad either …)

  © Andy Daly  2010

5 thoughts on “Staff Football

  1. why are you and that other bloke wearing different stuff from everyone else, have you just airbrushed yourself in and the guy who looks like he may never have kicked a ball in his life.

    • Ah! Now well spotted Murph, me old .. It’s cos I was subbed off (for the first time ever!) I’m wearing a French rugby shirt belonging to the guy behind me to the left. Someone never washed their kit from the week before, we’ve only got 10 tops! As for the one who looks like he’s never kicked a ball in his life, it’s cos he’s the keeper. Tim ‘The Cat’ Brown (I know, looks unlikely doesn’t it: you’ll just have to trust me on this)

      • Hey Andy, the kit dig get washed regular!
        Me and Bernie Cronin used to scoop up and the pile of discarded soiled and sweaty shirts, stuff them in an army surplus kit bag and give them a wash in the PE washer/tumble drier.
        You could only get to this sacred, unseen white good via the basement under the t-club, where Rob Clayton used to store the exam desks and other odds and sods. Let’s no go there……..
        BC used to chuck in his wifebeater vests and bundies into the wash at times. Something that I never divulged to the team for fear of causing uproar!
        The kit in the photo is the old one, our next upgrade came with the sponsorship of SNICKERS. We qualified for this after the kids munched through 15,000 Mars bars etc from the cloakroom vending machines.
        Next Blog the last game versus Haydon School.

  2. ‘The Cat’ ! More like Tommy “The Flying Pig’ Lawrence (LFC).
    Wot about the infamous game against the builders!!

    • Indeed! what a match that was. A they played like they mixed their mortar and laid their bricks: Sloppy and with a gaping hole at the end. However Y T scored my most spectacular header!

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