The Pachyderm in the vestibule

Regular readers (Both of you) will attest to my healthy disdain for superstition and pseudo-scientific knowledge in place of hard fact. Not only that, but my steadfast and unbreakable determination to grab the bull by its whatsits, avoid all sorts of squeamishness and lily-livered cowardice when it comes to writing about feelings and suchlike.

As my old great grandmother used to say

There’s no fool like an old bird in the hand when it comes to beating it about the bush.

Now, I feel I should offer some sort of explanation for the almost year long hiatus. It all started with a bump. A bump on the head. A quite sizeable bump it has to be said. I was falling a lot at the time; legs just washing out in front if me and down I’d go. I usually though some sort of instictive reaction for self preservation, managed to avoid head injury, praise the Lord.

Yep. Nothing more serious than a trip to local A and E .The top and bottom of it was I was booked into Queen Square for a second insertion in July 2017. It was always on the cards that I would have a fresh insertion at some point, when I felt that I was getting no more from the original DBS (Deep Brain Stimualion) set up as it was. And so it was.This time, they used the Boston Scientific hardware a new generation of kit, which allows the ends of each electrode to be moved to focus the therapy and means it is much more accurate.

The surgery itself was…. ‘uneventful’ I think is the correct term.

And then spent the next month in hospital. And do you know what? It seems to onl y to have worked beyond my wildest dreams!

and now, bizarrely,I find myself increasingly reluctant to talk about it for fear of’Jinxing it’. (I know ). So, i will just collect my stuff, my lucky rabbits foot. My four leaf clover and stick my head down for a little while.


  1. Hi Andy, only the other day I was thinking of you and Marion and wondering what you were up to.
    Now, for starters I have to look up the meaning of ‘pachyderm’ – surprisingly, nothing rude! But now I get your meaning. But why can’t you write plain English, like the rest of us?

    Anyway, it’s very good to hear from you. I am still painting and am returning to Verrocchio in September to do a course with Bella Green. Rob is coming too.
    I will keep my fingers crossed for you and send love to Marion.
    Maggie xx

  2. Hi-yer Maggie and Rob. Apologies for the delay in returning your message. Maggie. Pachyderm. Tut, tut. You mean you’ve never been to a fair with a pale pachyderm stall?
    Enjoy the course. Marión is doing a lot of painting and drawing.


  3. Andy. How goes it?
    Don’t know what you are worried about with the potential head injuries. At least you are a short arsed numpty, who does not have to worry about low beams and the other day to day hazards that taller people encounter. I decided to have a cooker hood ripped out of the kitchen, which I regularly used to catch my head on before the operation. All good now though!

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