Brexit under the spotlight


Well you have landed at the right site to answer all those tricky Brexit queries. Such as.

  • What is Breggsit? (pronounced BREXIT by other EU countries)


No, no… don’t tell me. Errr ok ok I remember. It’s something to do with Europe. Being able to make a lame joke about Basques in an exit, eggs in a basket? No I give up, let’s move on.

  • What is a Remoaner?

Answer: Hmmmmmm. Tricky one this. Let’s come back to it, if time allows.

  • What is a Brexitteer?

Answer: It’s harder than it looks, this.

  • What is the Backstop? And why the implementaton of same could lead to tensions in Northern Ireland regardless of the efficacy or otherwise of the Transition period and the impact on trade tariffs wth a non-frictionless border?

Answer:  Fucked if I know


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