How to avoid giving someone a lift

The other day a friend asked me how they might avoid having to give a lift to someone whose company they did not particularly care for. I suggested:

1.) Play Captain Beefheart/Iggy Pop/Sex Pistols/Residents/Pere Ubu (any will do) CDs VERY LOUD the whole way. I guarantee you won’t hear a single word and you will never be asked for a lift again.

2) Say you’ve got a job finding locations for a re-make of ‘The Exorcist’ and there’s one or two places you want to check out on the way.

 3) On arrival at their house, ask if they happen to have about 4ft. of narrow gauge wire to hand (preferably in a rubber sheath)  as you could do with replacing your accelerator cable. It keeps sticking, usually somewhere about 60 – 70 mph.

© Andy Daly  2010