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Posts are written on average once a week and filed in Categories contained in the Archive. These comprise:

Art Reviews, Book Reviews, Live Music Reviews, Kids, The Builders, Medical, Observations, Parkinsons, Photos, Rants, School/Pupil (Stories from my time at school as a pupil), School/Teacher ( Stories from my time as a teacher), Spain, Sport, Tall Tales and Do You Want Fries With That?

Written Pieces may appear in more than one category: by far and away the largest of which is Tall Tales. These are – as all posts with I think only one exception – true stories with a bit of a twist. Browsing the categories will give you each post title in chronological order; and a short snippet so you can get some idea of each of the posts and their content, as well as publication date and details.

Most of the categories are self explanatory. Do You Want Fries With That? is simply my repository for all the mad, off the wall, otherwise impossible to categorise pieces.

Please note some of the posts may contain strong language and may not be suitable for young children.