Washing You Were Here

Success! Job done. Half a dozen ‘proper’ shirts, enough T shirts to start a medium-sized stall on Wembley Market. My ‘Iggy and the Stooges’ tour T shirt (extra extra care) two delicates I didn’t dare take a chance with, accompanied by a sort of ‘Sedimentary Layer’ of socks, pants etc.

All washed, dried and found approporiate homes for before close of play!

Of course these ‘appropriate homes’ –  come Monday morning turn out to be nothing more than a fading mirage: as socks, pants, shirts, braces, cummerbunds, heavily starched cotton collars, Cowboy Boots, Do-Bocks and neat little pocket handkerchiefs appear in the most unlikley places. Places I swear I didn’t put them on Sunday … That’s if they appear at all.

© Andy Daly 2011

A dear old friend goes under the surgeon’s knife tomorrow at Newcastle Upon Tyne’s RVI. Here at ‘Sitting Comfortably?’ we are hoping that it is successful. Love and best wishes Tim.’