As promised…Strange dream, what does it mean?

As part of an occasional series on ‘Are you Sitting Comfortably?’ This is a particularly spooky dream my son had a couple of days ago.

Walking past the swimming pool belonging to an adjacent block of flats he became aware of somebody in difficulty at the far end. A qualified lifeguard, he didn’t think twice, and launched himself in to save the flailing figure

Automatically, he began to carry out the rescue procedure, only to find out that as he did, his ‘victim’ began to fight and force him under…. Now this wasn’t in his training programme. You expect a bit of resistance from petrified potential fishbait, but not this. This was a strong, fit young man who had obviously been lying ) or more correctly´’floating’ in wait for him.

Anyway, cut a long story short, my son saves his life…

….and is rewarded for his efforts with a civic reception in Uxbridge, followed by (and this is where it gets really weird [my US readers … all 2 of you will have to bear with me here]) … Sunday Lunch and an afternoon spent in the company of Harry and Jamie Redknapp!

Jamie and Harry. Sunday Lunch anyone?

What does it mean?

© Andy Daly  2010

2 thoughts on “As promised…Strange dream, what does it mean?

  1. Worry not…the two of us in the US are aware of the existence of Sunday lunches and also aware of the father and son, Redknapps!

    Don’t know what the dream means, except perhaps your son is not a City fan?

    • I wasn’t actually thinking of you two, genuine and honorary Brits. No! I’ve got 2 genuine ‘What th’ hell’s he talkin’ ’bout?’ American fans.

      Wonders will never cease.

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