See the Sunrise with me …

   I thought you might like to see the sunrise with me….                                    








Fishermen on the sea wall where we spend our summers, just south of Valencia, Spain – You didn’t believe all that crap about the ‘Bloggers’ Jamboree’ did you? Tut tut!

Images © Andy Daly  2010


2 thoughts on “See the Sunrise with me …

    • Many thanks! I thought a lot about these shots, believe it or not. I’d taken some the previous year and had found myself more interested in what I caught in the foreground than all the ‘fireworks’ behind: so these were a sort of ‘fine-tuning’. It’s not easy, trying to keep things sharp while not actually looking down your viewfinder in order to preserve what little sight you have left.

      Have enjoyed looking at your work a lot. (Of course) especially the Huntington Beach series. I would like to reach a wider audience but guess I’m trying to do too many things at the same time.
      Keep in touch,

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