My Best Steak and Kidney Pie Recipie

You may/may not be aware, but I’ve been searching for the ultimate pie recipie. I think I’ve found it. It only works, however if you do it in the style of Jamie Oliver.

1½lb braising steak,½lb Ox Kidney, Flour, 1 onion, roughly chopped, 4 sticks of celery roughly chopped, fresh mixed herbs (Rosemary, Thyme, Bay), 1lb2oz pack of Puff Pastry, Olive Oil, lots of salt & pepper, Red, wine or Brandy – preferably both, one egg.

Firstly chuck a couple of generous slugs of Olive Oil into a pan. Roll the meat in flour, whack it in, season well, add your herbs and let it golden. Bung in the onion, and about 5 mins later frow in the celery. (oh, by the way some heat under the pan would be a good idea. If you haven’t yet: Start Again).

Pull the cork out of a bottle of red wine with your teeth cos you’ve got your hands full, manage to release one of them, and use it to hold the bottle. Take 2 good guzzles of the vino then bang one in the pan (NB always use this ratio: 2 for self, one for pan)
Allow to simmer for about 2 hours. You could go and open a school, or show everyone on a Northern council estate how to cook, while you’re waiting. Top up with wine or Brandy (or both) as required.
Pre-heat oven to 190. Slosh the meat and gravy out the pan and into your pie dish. Loverly! Beat your egg and with a brush egg wash the rim of the dish. Roll out your pastry, using the backing sheet to allow you to get it flat and in position covering the whole of the dish. With a knife, slice round the rim to remove excess pastry, which you can then use to fashion an appropriate design – like you used to see in kids’ story books when you were … well, a kid. Pinch the pastry with your thumb and forefinger all the way round the rim – to make it look even more authentic. Egg Wash the pastry on top, and chuck it in the oven, darlin’ for about 45 min or until golden. Serve with red wine.
PS it’s easy to get carried away with this one and forget about the vegetables, mashed potato or whatever you’re having with it. Try and avoid this as it doesn’t tend to go down very well in my experience.

© Andy Daly 2011