On The Edge Of Memory


Skiing a parallel turn.
Walking without having to think about it.
The smell of our new born babies.
My Great Grandmother’s kitchen.
Having a good criac in the pub with friends.
Teaching a class of children.
My first bike.
Playing football.
Draught Boddingtons Bitter Beer.
The taste of Stimarol chewing gum.
My Taekwondo patterns.
Changing a set of brake pads.
Carrying our two beautiful boys.

© Andy Daly 2014

A Postscript to ‘A Rough Crossing Without A Guide ‘

Thomas Townson (‘Nandy’) was born in 1875 and Ethel Dawson (‘Tomt’) the same year as Picasso, 1881. Yet my memories of them and the times I spent  in their house are as vivid – if not even more so – than when I was a child.
I don’t  believe in a God and I don’t believe in an afterlife; at least not in the array of forms in which it is most commonly presented. But I do feel sure, somehow that I’ll see Thomas and Ethel again … One day…

And with that in mind, I would like to take the opportunity to admit to the both of you the years of pilfering the Everton Mints, stored in your dark corner cupboard, and  respectfully ask that two other offences (location – Larder) be taken into consideration.

© Andy Daly  2010

Coming up: 

So who thinks Wildlife Photography is a doddle? Photographer turns up, whips out their camera, Click! Click! Home in time for tea and crumpets. 

Think again. Especially when you’re up against kingfishers whose sole aim is to confront the metanarrative myths of a discredited Modernism … On Yeading Brook.

Miss it at your peril!