Great War

Our son went on a school World War One battlefield trip yesterday. They had to be at school for 4:30 am to catch the coach. Their itinerary took in Ypres  – as I’m sure you know – site of the Menin Gate which records the names of the fallen for which there is no known resting place. My Dad’s grandad (also, like him, Bernard) and his brother John were both killed nearby in 1915.

The day before the visit (11/02/09) I asked my Dad who has visited the gate, to text me the panel numbers which contain their names, so that if time allowed, James could search for his great great grandad and his brother. Dutifully, my Dad did as asked; back came the reply with the location of the two names … and a confirmation of the date of death of Corporal Bernard Daly 8145 Shropshire Light Infantry born in Bridgetown Barbados 11/02/15. Exactly 94 years ago to the day.

Leaving his wife, Jane and son, Bernard, my Dad’s Dad.

By a cruel twist of fate, the post that brought the family this devastating news also contained a letter from Corporal Daly especially for his young son …

What do you say….?

© Andy Daly  2010


This isn’t Pasta al dente, it’s Pasta al pacino!*

Recurring Dream 3

I awoke pondering last night’s handiwork: Hanger Lane gyratory system made from Wickes kitchen units. What would Freud have made of it all?

© Andy Daly  2010

Recurring Dream 2

 Last night: Tower Bridge using surplus IKEA parts.

© Andy Daly  2010

Recurring Dream

I am concerned. I had another strange dream last night, in which I had to make another life size version of a popular London landmark. This time  it was the Hoover building using flatpack components from boxes marked MFI!

© Andy Daly  2010

A strange dream. What does it mean?

last night I had a dream  that I had to build a life sized replica of the Neasden Hindu temple from a flatpack furniture components.

© Andy Daly  2010