Into the Valley by The Skids: Singalong

I am delighted to see that Halfords are using the Skids’ ‘Into the Valley’ on their new TV advertisements. A truly great record – their only, it has to be said. I remember buying it along with Squeeze’s ‘Cool for Cats’ on pink vinyl!

‘Into the Valley

preeson ann divine

The cases on virtue the hurrcum divide, the sujjers ga marshing those masses you lion.

Thurs disease has casking ma vittorea to stawn.

Valley valley!

Lezzee a star

Valley valley!

Farming a shoulder

Valley valley!

Deceive and they bonker

Valley valley!

Long may they do it.’

I still don’t have a fucking clue what he was singing about.

© Andy Daly 2012

Clip courtesy of jenssalumae2