U2,You Too?

I love U2. Don’t you?

Bonio, The Hedge and the other two have made some epic music ever since their early years in Dublin where they were known as ‘Them’

They got their new name from the number on an alien spaceship that crash landed in Roswell US in 1947.

Bonio (AKA Bonio Vox/ Paul David Hewson) got his name from the sign over a shop in Dublin that sold hearing aids for dogs. And The Hedge? Well, no-one really knows … The distinctive-sounding baldy guitarist is very private about his privet.

U2 have had a million hits worldwide including ‘With Or without you’ ‘I Will Folllow’ ‘I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For and ‘Whiskey In The Jar’

Bonio and drummer Adam Clayton

Bonio and drummer Adam Clayton

The band has collaborated with other musicians, artists, celebrities, and politicians to address issues concerning poverty, disease, and social injustice. In fact it is common knowledge that Bonio has applied for job of Pope, which will requre him living in Italy. I’m sure it will be a big influence on his songwriting. Can’t wait for the next single and tour. Not arf!

Andy Daly 2016

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