Forget Me Not

Warning: Contains mild bad language. May not be suitable for miners (notably Drift and Open Cast) or those of a nervous disposition.

Long, long ago, when Biddy Baxter was still producer of Blue Peter on BBC children’s  TV, a friend came visit from Valencia in Spain. Like many of his generation who lived through the final two decades of Franco’s dictatorship, he, as well as the formal Castillian, learned and spoke the regional language of  Valencia – very similar to Catalan in fact. During his visit he came to be walking in the local high street, on which there is a greetings card and gift shop with ideas above its station, called ‘Forget Me Not’.

Our visitor caught the shop sign out of the corner of his eye. Initial shock gave way to helpless laughter as he explained he had read the shop sign as ‘Jorge Me Fot’ which translates into Valencian as ‘George, screw me’

Which is quite appropriate in its own way, as that’s what they do to you every time you buy something there.

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