One Word Book Review

As a special service, Sitting Comfortably brings you a new, rapid and comprehensive way to choose your summer reading. One word reviews. So here we go.

Deborah Moggarch

The best exotic marigold hotel – Great

Final demand – Gripping

Driving in the dark – Surprising

The ex – wives – Warm

In the dark – Dark

Tulip fever – Errr

Hot water man – Drivel

You must be sisters – Unfinished

Tim Lott

Under the same stars – Good

Rumours of a hurricane – Better

White city blue – Best

The love secrets of Don Juan – Also

Rachel Joyce

The unlikely pilgrimage of Harold Fry  – Beautiful

Jonas Jonasson

The hundred year old man who climbed out of the window – Infantile

Spike Webb

Mad, bad and dangerous to know – Bollocks

Andres Neuman

Traveller of the century – Irritating

Rosie Thomas

The Kashmir Shawl – Enjoyable

Sun at midnight – Slow

Lovers and newcomers – Slower

Jojo Moyes

Me before you – Stunning

Last letter from your lover – Tender

Night music – Predictable

Shaun Ryder

Twisting my melon – Large!

Damon Runyon

More than somewhat – Favourite

Sue Johnston

Things I couldn’t tell my mother – Charming

Pete Postlethwaite

A spectacle of dust – Moving

J P Davidson

Planet Word – Intellectual

Jon Savage

England’s dreaming – Essential

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