Who Is To Make Amends?

Alas! for this grey shadow once in time

So glorious in his beauty and thy choice

damned by the lethal binding of this bastard spectre

who with bitter pills and twisted smile

beat hard him down, marr’d and wasted.

But not able to end him, left him maimed.

And all the while your melancholy beauty fills the skies,

shines in those tremulous eyes which with mounting refrain ask to the end

Who is to make amends for all that has been, all that is,

and all that which is still to come?

Alas! for this grey shadow, who watches as you slumber

in a divine peace,

breath: soft and slow,

shoulders: rising and falling.

who dare’st not move for fear of waking

or that she feel his tear on her cheek.

As dawn approaches, a soft air fans the light upon them

and in it a glimmer of a world that used to be

Three happy voices who embrace and cling to thee

So tightly

that nothing and no-one could ever have the strength to put asunder

But for this grey shadow

whose time now it is to leave,

for as the world is waking up, so your cheek begins to brighten in the gloom

Fast! his lips pass so close they could almost kiss.

But no.

The bitter raking of his eyes seals it and he is gone.

For of one thing he is sure, were these heavy tears to begin to fall

they would never, ever end.

But rest assured, He will return, maintain his vigil

and love you the best he can.

For this grey shadow was once a man.

© Andy Daly 2011 (Apart from the bits I nicked from Tennyson)

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