Going Over The High Side (Again)

Key words:

Idiot, Reckless, Speed, Thrill, Gradient, Air, High Side, Thump!, River, Brakes, Service, Repair, Hip, Bruising, Shit for brains.

(See also ‘Going Over The High Side’)

© Andy Daly 2011

2 thoughts on “Going Over The High Side (Again)

  1. Was there a push bike involved, by any chance?

    I can’t remember if I have commented before. I found your blog via the subject you try to avoid, and have been following you ever since.

  2. I’m afraid so, and as you can probably guess, (or indeed may have read) it is not for the first time either. And this is after withdrawal of the notorious Dopamine Agonist, whose metaphorical fingerprints you would expect to be found all over this. AND just over a week before DBS. You could argue I’ve had better ideas …. Particularly when it comes to the management of the thing I try to avoid.

    Yes, I do remember you, I believe you have commented too. I am flattered you have stuck with it. I hope I haven’t disappointed. Hospital next week, so it may go quiet for a while…



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