Marc Forni

Congratulations to Marc and his wife on the birth of a baby girl at 2:10pm today.

To mark the occasion, published here, for the first time – giving a real insight into the complex dynamic between Newly Qualified Teacher, Observer, and Students is a copy of the observation record of Marc’s groundbreaking Art lesson 15/07/04

Lesson Observation Form for Newly Qualified Teachers

 Name              MARC FORNI

Date    15/7/04                   Subject: Art                                   Lesson/Class  P.1

Teaching Group          YEAR 8 M/A

Planning and preparation

Good. Your lesson was meticulously planned and prepared. Your written documentation clearly highlighted the importance of making sure I got a cup of tea beforehand. (The omission of brandy is put down to pre-observation nerves: but remember, this could happen for real with ofsted. So be prepared)

The lesson was divided into 3 parts and involved

  •  Looking into the kiln (at a temperature of close to 300 degrees C) and forlornly exclaiming ‘We didn’t have enough time! They are a bit hot’
  • Making paper folders
  • Looking at students wandering around aimlessly.

The objectives were met and satisfy the school’s criteria for an ‘excellent’ lesson.

Seating plan would have been used had there had been enough stools.

Teaching content – style and strategies

The first 25/30 minutes was taken up with trying to clear mess left by the Head of Department, which although impressive, was over – long and meant that many students lost interest. You did not take the opportunity to pose questions or allow the students to question you. Try to break this aspect of the lesson down into smaller ‘chunks.’

Communication skills

Good classroom presence. Clear voice. I particularly thought you got through to the students in a very special way with the middle finger to Student X and the no-nonesense ‘Yes girls, I’ve got 4 earrings, now piss off’ comment. Sadly however, these are both approaches which although effective, are not fashionable these days.

Learning environment and use of resources

No resources were prepared in advance: A sign that you have truly found your feet at this school.

Classroom organisation and management

Students lined up outside the room and took off their coats in an orderly manner on entering the room. (I think, I was still drinking my tea)

Pupil response

  •  Minimal. Their response to your lesson did, frankly not reflect the time and effort you put into it. (Why was this?)
  •  You have reservations about your ability to meet the needs of all pupils. You are right. On the whole you don’t meet any.
  •  However, you are teaching Art, so no one gives a toss.

 Use of prior assessment to support pupils’ learning


Subject specific comments

 You clearly have good subject knowledge in Art and are confident with it.


  •  Try to make your teaching a little less didactic. Encourage more active learning. For instance, students could have been given the initiative to use blue, or even black paper for their folders.
  • Use questioning more. For instance: ‘Why am I here?’
  • Finally have you thought of teaching a more popular subject, say RE or ethics for example?

NQT signature………………………………                                       Date……………….

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