David Mason’s GM  speedway Bike photographed yesterday at Rye House practice session.

Engine is a  single cylinder, 499cc 4 Valve 4 stroke air-cooled single overhead camshaft. Weighs 26kg. approximately 80+ BHP, dry clutch, runs on Methanol. 0 – 60 in under 3 seconds.


© Andy Daly  2010

3 thoughts on “Bike

    • Thanks Steve.
      We’d gone to visist the Wetlands Reserve, nearby. I had no idea Hoddeston racetrack was so close. A few of the riders were practising while old Len Silver was bobbing about here and there. I just asked if I could take some photos in the pits!

    • Re: Bike racing commentators -‘The Carbon Fibre’s in the Kitty Litter again’
      I thought it would be a good idea to mark the opening of the World Superbikes, Moto GP and Speedway seasons and the imminent kick-start of the British Superbikes circus next month, to revisit this post from last year. In which we take a cheeky look at the work of 3 of our motorycle/Speedway commentary Pairings. In addition you can catch up with the latest ‘Words of Whitham’ which features a new collection of ‘on air’ nuggets as supplied by Our Hero. Nos 1, 2, 3 have thus far got no further than an obsession Marco Melandri’s missus.

      Take a look at ‘The Carbon Fibre’s in the Kitty Litter!’ If nothing else it should make you giggle.

      Here’s wishing everyone – spectators: trackside and armchair, commentators, teams/mechanics and most of all, riders an exciting, rewarding and safe season’s racing. May battle commence!

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