Sticks and Bones

I went to see my neurologist today at Charing Cross (that’s the hospital not the station – though I do wonder sometimes!) They see the Parkinson’s  patients in rooms off the narrowest corridor you can imagine: not only that, but they use the corridor as a waiting area – so you can imagine what it’s like, seated Parkinson’s sufferers at all sorts of angles: coats, bags, arms, legs and sticks poking out everywhere, so the newly-called patient has to negotiate this obstacle course before they can take their seat – if  there is one – adjacent to their specialist’s consulting room. Crazy! Do they do it on purpose?

 © Andy Daly  2010

1 thought on “Sticks and Bones

  1. Got the same thing at UCH, except the corridor has a T-junction at the end. So you manage to get your feet going ok, step past the coats and bags and onlooking patients and relatives that are squeezed on chairs either side of you. At the junction you inevitably “pit stop”, do a soft-shoe shuffle, turn and get going again.

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