What people are saying about ‘Sitting Comfortably?’


* ‘Fantastic I love the way you write.’         

* ‘Very cool.’        

* ‘Brilliant!’         

* ‘Love to read your reflections, keep them comin’         

* ‘Great posting – sent chills down my spine.’      

* ‘A marvellous review.’        

* ‘haven’t laughed so much in ages’  

* ‘Absolutely LOVE the detail. Thanks for the “art education”, of which I am sadly undereducated! ‘     

* ‘I love this. My God we’ve all been there.’         

* ‘Aw, this was a really quality post. In theory I’d like to write like this too – taking time and real effort to make a good article’        

* ‘Brilliant idea! Loved the ‘Dopey Cow’!         

* ‘Very funny! haven’t laughed so much in along time (might need to get out more).’      

* ‘Brilliant blog!’         

* ‘Yeah thanks for that story about the Three Dancers!’         

*  ‘Good stuff. Spot on about the smell at speedway. It never leaves you’

* ‘Woah – excellent words man – you say you’re no author but that post summed up my introduction to the shale sport beautifully.’

* ‘Thanks for the recommendation ….. We both laughed and cried our way

through this slice of reality.’

* ‘Brilliant piece of writing, well done and thank you’

* ‘Hey Andy – Thanks for tipping me off about your great review. I saw Iggy play at Reading a few years back…’

* ‘Just brilliant!’

* ‘Andy, brilliant words about speedway.’

* ‘Andy’s excellent blog’

* ‘great stuff!’

*’ ‘Siting Comfortably? Avoiding the Subject: Reflections on life without Parkinson’s Disease.’  Andy Daly’s Excellent blog – Well worth a read.’

* ‘I thought your post on speedway was fantastic… I enjoyed reading through some of your more recent posts as well… I also loved the comparison of bike racing commentators. Toby Moody and Julian Ryder are my favorites by far and deserve a bigger profile… There is so much sh!te on the old interweb doo dah, it’s always very refreshing to get a link to a genuinely interesting and entertaining site and I look forward to following your blog in the future.’

*’That’s a cracking blog post.’

*’Great review, and in fact one of the best I’ve ever read; funny, warm and dedicated’

*’Best thing I have ever read’

*’You almost made me miss my stop, had to barge myself off the train! A really lovely story.’

*’Brilliant as ever’

*’What an excellent read. Brings back memories and endorses why as instructors we teach (Taekwondo)’

*’THAT!…………is a fantastic piece………..loved it!’

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