I Love Football

I love football, don’t you? Ever since King Henry VIII invented the game on the playing fields of Eton in Rugby, by kicking a pig’s bladder, or ‘Casey’ across the grass people have been enthralled by what has become known as ‘The Beautiful Game’

Today modern players on average are paid a lot of money to play football. Which is just as well considering all the shiny red sports cars they need to buy. Players who are good enough aspire to the position centre forward with less experienced players filling up the minor placings such as full back and worst of all, goalkeeper. These players maybe allowed to do a ‘throw in’ or ‘goal kick’ from time to time in order to gain experience.

Competitions include the FA cup and the league. Last year’s winners of the Premier League were Chelsea, while close runners up were Manchester City (formerly known as Manchester United)

Football’s governing body is a money laundering operation in Switzerland run by Joseph Step Ladder and a scruffy French playboy, whose name escapes me for the moment. FIFA  say ‘No to Racism’ but ‘ Aaaah …OK then…’ to embezelment and fraud.

But, nevertheless, football is an inclusive sport: just look at Alice Ferguson’s success, which shows that anyone can do it – even a Scot.


Andy Daly 2015


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