Fluttering To Deceive

A funny thing happens the other day. My youngest and his girlfriend Sunita go out to the movies. Afterwards, she stays the night as she sometime does.

In the morning, I wake up to a blood curdling scream which appears to be coming from the bathroom. Now, naturally I am not sure if am awake or still sleeping, so I turn over for a bit more of a snooze on the off chance, when my Better Half comes back into the bedroom in such a state of anxiety, disgust and what not that I am forced to sit up and pay attention.

‘Vile things’

She says to me



She saysfalse-eyelashes-sml

‘That’s what. I just see two horrible big cockroaches on the side of the sink. Que asco! So I swipe them into the WC and flush them away. We call that pest control guy PDQ for if there is one thing I cannot stand in life it is a cockroach.’

Well we are guzzling cups of breakfast tea sometime later when Sunita comes in all of a tiswas and says:

‘That’s strange! I am sure I leave my false eyelashes on the sink last night, but this morning there is no sign of them…


© Andy Daly 2014

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