Playing Doctors and Nurses

Here’s a great little game to play if you find yourself in Hospital, or visiting someone who is.

Draw the curtain around the bed so that the player cannot see who is approaching. Basically it is very simple. All you need to do is listen to the footsteps of approaching hospital personnel and guess who it is:


Loud, brisk and purposeful step: Consultant.

No-nonesense pat pat. Has three speeds (fast/medium/slow) depending on the personality of the member of staff him or herself, amount of shift remaining and urgency of journey: Nurse

Lots of noisy, clattering footsteps which seem to change direction frequently. A bit like a heard of antelope: Junior Doctors and students.

Slow soft shuffle. Feet never seem to lift off the floor: Cleaner.

Squeak squeak of rubber ‘Crocs’: Anaesthetist.

Silent. Appear at your bedside without warning: Surgeon

doc_nurses shoes

© Andy Daly 2013

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