Bloody Hell

I feel I cannot let the events of this weekend go by without some comment.

It certainly puts things into perspective when you see images like those from Japan. It makes you realise how insignificant we are, and how slender is our grip on all that we rely for our survival and all that we hold dear. Both, if we are honest we blithely take for granted – sometimes because we are ignorant of them, while other times because we are simply absorbed by things which seem vitally important (Such as ‘Blogs’ for instance) but which are in fact mere distractions.

It makes you realise that despite our technological advancement; our ability to control the atom, engage in forms of mass communication our grandparents could not even have imagined plus our knowledge, skills and techniques which allow us to conquer just about any form of terrain or habitat on our planet, we are just as fragile, bewildered and helpless as our ancestors. We really haven’t come that far at all.

What has been most startling and moving about all the TV footage I have seen is the composure, stoicism and dignity of the survivors and those involved in the rescue and repair operations. In fact, the nation as a whole. An example to us all.

© Andy Daly

Image: Japanese Cherry Blossom:

2 thoughts on “Bloody Hell

  1. My thoughts exactly Andy – small towns on the coast with a nuclear plant just down the road, it all sound a bit too familiar doesn’t it. The images have certainly made me think what if…..? and I guess it’s that train of thought that has made me feel so helpless sat here in the UK. How do you cope when you lose everything in a moment? When you lose family, friends and neighbours in the blink of an eye, it just brings the fragility of our lives into perspective. I’m not materialistic at all, it’s just stuff at the end of the day, but I couldn’t imagine seeing my neighbourhood washed away in front of my eyes. You have to show unimaginable strength to come back from events such as these and if anybody can, it is the people of Japan. I just wish I could physically help.

    • Re: Bike racing commentators –'The Carbon Fibre's in the Kitty Litter again'I thought it would be a good idea to mark the opening of the World Superbikes, Moto GP and Speedway seasons and the imminent kick-start of the British Superbikes circus next month, to revisit this post from last year. In which we take a cheeky look at the work of 3 of our motorycle/Speedway commentary Pairings. In addition you can catch up with the latest ‘Words of Whitham’ which features a new collection of ‘on air’ nuggets as supplied by Our Hero. Nos 1, 2, 3 have thus far got no further than an obsession Marco Melandri’s missus.

      Take a look at ‘The Carbon Fibre’s in the Kitty Litter!’ If nothing else it should make you giggle.

      Here’s wishing everyone – spectators: trackside and armchair, commentators, teams/mechanics and most of all, riders an exciting, rewarding and safe season’s racing. May battle commence!

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