If It’s Thursday It Must Be Tintin!

At school one day, out of the blue, the lad who was sitting next to me, and with whom I’d had a fairly tempestuous relationship, involving at least one fight said:
“Why do they always put Tintin on telly on a Thursday?”
“They don’t” I said. “I saw it on Monday last week”
“No, no …” the urchin replied “It’s definately Thursday. They always announce it at the start”
“What are you gabbing on about?”
“They announce it!” he said, emphatically, and taking a deep breath he attempted an impersonation of the stentorian voice of the M. C. who did indeed initiate the programme: “Thursday’s adventures of Tintin!” He boomed.
I quickly weigh up the relative benefits and the likely timescale involved in explaining that the announcer was in fact saying “Hergé’s Adventures of Tintin”, then of course,who Hergé was and so on; compared to simply letting sleeping dogs lie.

It didn’t take long.
“Hmmm! Yeah so they do. Well I never … Tintin only on Thursdays eh?”

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