You can stand under my umbrella -ella -ella ay ay ay ….

I thought you might enjoy this little nugget I heard during the summer.

Long, long ago before Peters had met Lee and life was a lot more simple. There lived  in Alcoy, near Alicante, Spain a woman who was very simple. A nutty Great Aunt from my Mother-in-laws side of the family, she was well known for taking to the streets  ‘sin ropa’ or ‘in the buff’ as we might say here – Well it can get very hot during the summer months in Alcoy.

However, her favourite trick, apparently was to – ‘hem! How can I put this? …  ‘do her business’  in peoples’ furled umbrellas. Presumably, she opened them up first to allow sufficient access, then closed them for the unwary owner; who when the heavens opened, found it rained more than cats and dogs!

I reckon she wasn’t as ‘mad’ as they made out.

© Andy Daly  2010

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