Yet Again

Yet again, ‘Good Friday’ turns out to be a bitter disappointment. It wasn’t ‘Good’ at all. In fact it was bloody awful most of the time.

There was one Golden Nugget, however, which made me laugh like a drain. My eldest, 18 years old, fit as a butchers dog, is vacuuming the room, giving me a hand tidying the house. As he works he is listening to his I pod: Loud. Mainly to drown out my Aswad CD: Even Louder.

‘That’s interesting…’ I thought. ‘Why is he doing a ‘dummy run with the vac?’ I motioned to him to stop, which he did. Sarcastically, I said: ‘It works much better when it’s switched on’

Immediately, he pulled off his headphones: ‘Oh no! How long has it been like this?’

 ‘I haven’t heard any noise for about 15 mins’ I said.

“Bugger” it. said As he bashed about in the cupboard, that means I’ve got to do it all again!

He had ‘hoovered’ almost the whole of the downstairs of the house without turning it on!

Bless him! Now if only he would do something about those soppy jeans he wears halfway down his arse …

2 thoughts on “Yet Again

  1. But let’s face it: he was actually attempting to hoover!!! You didn’t mention a shotgun, pointing at the nape of his neck!

    What’s the secret? My two have just managed to scale the heights of domesticity: they now place their dirty cups and dishes NEAR the dishwasher!

    • … One step at a time … Re: dirty cups etc. We’re on the verge of Champs League-style goal celebrations when they find the kitchen. Let alone the sink.

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