Brain downs tools

With Parkinson’s everything revolves around a few – well, more than a few actually – tablets. Every bloody thing you do, every bloody where you go: you’ve got to think 3 steps ahead and make sure every eventuality is planned for. When disaster strikes and say, you have a major ‘freeze’ it’s usually that something unexpected has got in the way of a dose, or has caused you to lose momentum.

However, sometimes the opposite can happen. Under the right circumstances, I can keep going, for a while. For instance,if I am deeply engrossed in something or if I am particularly happy or feel I am having success with something. As a result, doses may be late or (rarely, now) skipped altogether.

But you soon know about it. I described it to my consultant once as akin to the comic “moment of realisation” that they used to use to such great effect in animated cartoons. You know, Roadrunner, for example, where Wily E. Cayote runs off the edge of the canyon and keeps going as though the road is still firm beneath his feet….until he stops…and realises that there’s nothing whatsoever under him. Then he gives you ‘that look’ as he pauses momentarily before plummeting down to the canyon floor. Eventually, your brain does the same, realising it has been tricked, yells “Oi lads we’ve been had, that’s it! Down tools.

© Andy Daly  2010

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